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Here we believe if you find your story, you’ll find your way. Stories orient us in the world. They help us understand who we are and to better appreciate the wonders and complexity of life itself.

Raymond Arroyo
Raymond Arroyo

Storyented is a destination created to incite and spread the life-long adventure of reading. It is an interactive community where once a month we all come together for a Storyentation, the world’s largest book club. Online and via broadcast, you will have a chance to engage with the world’s most compelling authors, live. During the interview, the author will discuss a featured work, then everyone watching will have a chance to pose their own questions about the story: its genesis; the effect it had on the author; anything your heart desires. Each Storyentation will allow the general reader, book clubs, students and teachers to tour some incredible stories and probe the creative minds of their favorite authors. Following the live broadcasts, the Storyentation video library will soon become an enduring educational resource to visit and share anytime.

The site will also help you and yours Get Storyented. We’ll highlight literacy advice and innovative approaches to get your kids reading.

One of my favorite features of the site is the What Work Has Storyented Your Life? section. Here members can share the particular story that reoriented their lives and the life lessons they discovered therein. It is not only a celebration of great stories, but an opportunity to pass them along to others. If we feature your contribution, you’ll receive a free autographed book from one of our visiting authors.

Storyented is a destination for all those seeking works that are good, beautiful and true—inspiring books and other media that lift the spirit, move the heart, and make us grow. Think back to the characters and stories that altered your view of the world. They deeply marked your life. It is just those stories and their powerful lessons that we hope to preserve here and share with many others.

Marshall McLuhan had it right when he wrote, “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” Far more than politics or the law, it is the stories we receive and the stories we tell that shape our interior lives, our society, and the future.

Everyone deserves a good story. We hope you find yours… Thank you for making Storyented a part of that journey.
Feel free to browse and please invite your friends and family to be part of an upcoming Storyentation. It could change your life.

Happy Reading,
Raymond Arroyo,
Founder and New York Times Bestselling Author